Development of blockchain technological solution for the public use and storage of food safety data and mathematical algorithms


In the 21st century, the particularly rapid pace of scientific and technological development has meant that particularly large amounts of data and information have become necessary to solve particularly complex problems. In addition, there is a need to find new methods and technological solutions that would ensure the timely and rapid use, analysis, availability and, most importantly, application of this data to solve various tasks. Data in both science and business is beginning to be perceived as a great value that does not lose value over time and as a resource for further value creation.

The problem of data processing, analysis, storage and use methods has also been raised at the international scientific level in recent years in the field of food safety.

In response to the emerging demand for solutions to global problems, the fields of data science and artificial intelligence have begun to develop particularly rapidly in the interaction between mathematics and computer science. Although it is often said at the global level that artificial intelligence, as well as data collected by various devices and methods today, can pose significant threats, many examples of theoretical and applied research, as well as technologies based on artificial intelligence and instant / rapid data analysis, show that the synthesis of this type of data and methods often makes it possible to solve extremely complex tasks.

In recent years, food safety has become a global challenge, and scientific institutes, laboratories, international research teams and organizations are addressing this issue. Food diversity, authenticity, traceability, quality control, identification of harmful chemical additives and consumer protection are areas that require particular attention and resources. An effective solution to all of them, as shown by theoretical and applied research, requires:

  • Comprehensive, accurate and objective data;
  • Extremely fast and efficient data operation;
  • Ensuring data security and availability;
  • Ability to process, analyse, store and integrate data using different methods.


Within the framework of the project, a technology is being developed that solves the problems of data processing and the availability of mathematical models in the field of food safety. The blockchain technology used will ensure the security of the infrastructure and its users' data (the security issue is particularly relevant for the protection of intellectual property of data and algorithms). The use of blockchain technologies will also allow for the decentralization of data storage and processing in a network of distributed resources.

During the project 2 products are being developed:

  • A public access service based on blockchain technologies that enables food authentication and quality data, their metadata, and machine learning system models to be applied to quality control;
  • Private use service based on blockchain technologies that enables food authentication, quality data and machine learning system models to be applied to corporate business purposes

In order to ensure the security of the technology infrastructure and the property of its participants, the data and algorithms operating in the infrastructure are coded using advanced mathematical and IT methods and distributed in the nodes of the blockchain.

Benefits of project results:

  • Tools are provided to ensure the quality and authenticity of data and their metadata
  • The machine learning system model can be stored on a public network based on blockchain technology so that it is publicly available but not public (while protecting intellectual property rights)
  • Ensures the use and accounting of models, data and their metadata in a public network based on blockchain technology
  • Validation of reference data and mathematical models is ensured

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