Spectroscopy for food safety (oysters)


Sometimes even the most delicious and fancy dinner can make your stomach upset and then, unfortunately, “I wish I knew” cannot help.  Food poisoning is one of the illnesses that each of us would like to avoid.

Being able to identify contaminated food before eating it sounds like something that is still waiting for us somewhere in the future, but we can say that this future is now. Cannot believe this? It’s about time. As our technology can do a lot more than you think.

How does it work?

Our approach chosen to address the market lack is the oyster quality assessment service that utilizes NIR spectrometry in combination with machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques.

The service functions on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) basis, meaning that customers are able to utilize third-party NIR spectroscopy hardware for oyster flesh ‘scanning’ and submit the data for analysis via a user-friendly web service.

Once the data is processed within the machine's learning-based analytical system, the customer receives results on the main oyster quality, freshness and potential food risk parameters (moisture level, nutritional value, fats, proteins, glycogens, etc.). This kind of service can also be used as an efficient preventative screening tool to help identify questionable oysters that need further testing using standard laboratory methods.

Why is this needed?

Oysters are a major global food product with constantly rising demand. Worldwide an estimate of 5.7 mln. tons of oysters are harvested and distributed each year, totaling to an estimate of 6.1 bln. EUR in market value (stats by UN FAO).

For many working in oyster farming or further down its supply chain, delivering the freshest, highest quality and food-safety compliant oysters to their respective customers is key to lasting business success. However, the current oyster aquaculture industry is lacking in flexible, high throughput and easy to implement solutions for oyster quality assessment.

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