Art21 @ 2022-10-01

Applications are now open for a 10-day Post-Harvest school program that will focus on regenerative agriculture and its impact on food production systems

On November 2-11, the Post-Harvest School will host a 10-day online educational programme for those who are interested in addressing the current challenges of regenerative agriculture. The school is ideal for students, industry representatives, young professionals, food retailers, farmers, and practitioners from the agrifood chain who wish to incorporate sustainability in their activities. Entrepreneurs interested in innovating in the food system and in improving the well-being of the population by providing them with safer and healthier products are very welcome too.

According to CEO of ART21 Lina Usvaltienė:

“Regenerative agriculture is a sustainable agricultural system that focuses on soil health. It is based on the idea that we should be putting back what we take out from the soil. Regenerative agriculture can help to solve many of our environmental problems, like climate change and food insecurity. It can also help to alleviate poverty by giving farmers a more stable income. However, the current challenges of regenerative agriculture are numerous and complex, and they can be met by solutions and of innovative mindset toward sustainable practices and policies”.

The school includes a two-day thematic programme from 10 European partners and academic institutions, the opportunity to participate in an on-site event, and collaboration with mentors to develop innovative solutions to producers' biggest challenges.

A number of benefits for attendees include the opportunity to meet important stakeholders in the current food system’s environment, visit local growers, and participate in roundtable discussions on key sustainable agriculture challenges.

The programme will be held in English with live translation into partner languages from 17.00-20.00 CET. There are 2 ECTS credits awarded for this programme.

For more information visit https://www.eitfood.eu/education/courses/inspire-post-harvest-school webpage.

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