We have a new business partner in our oyster quality assessment project

Art21 @ 2020-07-28

We are pleased to announce the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement with a new business partner - an exceptional Croatian oyster farm "Platforma Aqua".

In the last decade "Platforma Aqua" was the first oyster farm in the Šibenik-Knin region to hire support staff. This is not surprising since it is as big as 8 regular oyster farms and produces 400 tons of molluscs per year. We are happy that our new business partners see oyster farming as a business project that can generate significant financial returns. This is very unusual in Croatia, where family-owned oyster farms dominate. A traditional oyster farm here is run by one or a few family members generation after generation and produces 50 tons of oysters (8 times less than "Platforma Aqua").

Due to the exceptional geographical location, oysters grow to market size in 12 months here. In other locations of Europe it usually takes 2,5 years for oysters to become adults. Also, "Platforma Aqua" is located where salt and fresh water mix. This ensures the best taste characteristics of oysters.

Despite all the advantages of "Platforma Aqua" mentioned above, the most important component of this partnership is that ART21 and this exceptional Croatian oyster farm share the same values, attitudes and goals. Because of this we sincerely believe that this new partnership will be beneficial for both sides.

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