ART21 became a silver partner of EIT FOOD

Art21 @ 2021-10-12

The agrifood tech innovation house ART21 became the silver partner of EIT FOOD, the leading food innovation initiative in the European Union. This is really impressive, as ART21 became a full member of EIT FOOD just a few years ago. It is the smallest member of this organization and the only company with such status in the Baltic States. Other members of this organization include such well-known names as Siemens, Pepsico, Nestle, John Deere, the University of Cambridge and many others.

"We are proud of our membership and growing status in the EIT FOOD community. This is a great acknowledgement, because you can only be a member of this community if other members see the value you create for Europe and its people. EIT FOOD is a place where like-minded people unanimously strive to create a more sustainable and innovative Europe and its agrifood sector," said Augustas Alešiūnas, the founder and CEO of ART21.

EIT FOOD is a knowledge and innovation community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).  By forging close links between consumers, businesses, start-ups, researchers and students from across Europe, EIT FOOD supports innovation and sustainable economic initiatives that increase access to quality food, improve the environment and health, create new jobs and increase Europe’s competitiveness. You can find out more about EIT FOOD by visiting their website.

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