Internet of Food & Farm 2020


The project Internet of Food & Farm 2020 explores the revolutionary potential of IoT technologies for the European food and farming industry. The goal of the project is to establish the newest precise farming solutions in order to secure maximum sustainability, ecology and efficiency in the agriculture sector.

Key facts

EU exemplary project for smart and sustainable digital agriculture
Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
A consortium of 100+ partners from 22 EU countries
Supported by the European Commission with a budget of € 30 million
Coordinated by Wageningen University & Research.


Being part of IoF2020, ART21 utilises spectral data analysis and IoT technology for optimised decision-making in potato and wheat farming.

Agrochemicals costs represent a significant portion of farmers’ overall expenses. The latest hyperspectral imaging technologies combined with IoT have the potential to transform today’s agriculture challenges into tomorrow’s profits by supplying farms with innovative crop management methods and tools.

By applying hyperspectral imaging to detect the amounts of lacking micro and macro nutritional elements in plants, as well as the state of soil moisture, organic matter or climate conditions, fertilisers costs can be reduced, while also improving the farm’s overall efficiency and productivity.

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