In addition to taking part in the creation of sophisticated agritech systems and solutions, ART21 already has a handful of products developed and available to customers from agriculture and business sectors.

Our software solutions are designed to optimise various work operations and thus offer our clients the opportunity to expand their potential.


Agrosmart Farms

Agrosmart is a crop farm process management software designed to assist farmers in a variety of agriculture operations and thus improve the farm’s performance and potential.

What it

The software is intended to enhance the farm’s economic efficiency by increasing productivity and reducing costs.

It enables farmers to access and control the data of the farm’s processes in one place easily and quick.

It’s a tool that allows to provide reports to the state bodies and declare crop fields, as agreed with the private agricultural sector participants.

Benefits and

Agrosmart software is comprised of 6 modules, each responsible for different farm processes.

and features

Farm map

All essential map layers (productivity points, soil type, protected areas, buffer zones, etc.) assembled in a single map module.


Module for registering each year’s yields

Agrochemical plans

Allows creating plans for sowing, fertilizing and spraying.


Shows contracted and available yield, calculates farm balance

Work schedule

Allows monitoring the performance of work


module for the accounting of greenhouse production.

Agrosmart Silos

AgroSmart Silos is the quantity and quality management system for raw materials designed to integrate all the storage and trading processes into one centralized body.

What it

AgroSmart system enables farmers to increase productivity by helping to carry out farming operations more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently.


The system is suitable for both large corporations that need to maintain centralised business management, as well as smaller companies.

and features


Easy and fast grain reception and unloading.


Fast laboratory data entry, grain quality settings adapted to grain type.


Shows your contracts and allows to manage your liabilities.


Allows to easily and quickly generate all Bills of Lading.


Notifies in real time if any grain quantity and quality changes are made.

Consultancy services

Apart from developing cutting-edge solutions, we also provide a range of consultancy services to interested companies, start-ups and projects operating in the same field of activity.

Being a multifaceted organisation that is actively involved in both high-tech agriculture area and the development of business process management innovations, ART21 has the knowledge and expertise to share with other initiatives and industries oriented to IoT and AI solutions, precise farming, and other related fields.

By using our competencies and experience, we can help you accomplish your business goals while contributing to the global development of innovative and sustainable technologies.

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