Ict systems for farmers


Modern day farming is inseparable from systematic information and process management. However, at the present moment, information relevant to the efficient farming processes, such as field soil composition specifications, satellite orthophotography and multispectral spectrometry, is only available through limited individual channels and portals that aren’t adapted for agricultural purposes.

It is apparent that the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is still not fully realized in the agriculture field. Farmers lack specialized tools with integrated open-source information resources that could assist them in more efficient monitoring and planning of farm fields and crops.


In order to solve said issue, ART21 is developing farmer-oriented software solutions that allow farmers to access information sources important for decision making and practically apply them in crop planning and management.

From specialized tools and apps such as farm maps or agrochemical planning modules to entire farm information management systems - our ICT system solution is aimed to provide means to increase productivity in farms and reduce the negative impact of farming on the environment.


Farm information and process management software – specialized solutions for farms
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – map-based solutions for farm management and planning
Big Data – aggregating and integrating various information resources, proving insights.
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