ERP Solutions for Industry


The second most important task that comes after the successful cultivation of healthy, premium quality crops, is maintaining the efficient quantity and quality management, as well logistics for all raw materials - from agrochemicals to the actual final product.

Lack of specialized software for agrifood industry and governmental institutions slows down production, trading, and distribution operations whereas integration of a smart, centralized process management system would secure faster, cost-efficient, and more accurate business processes.


In order to secure time and cost-efficient management operations in the agriculture sector, we have been developing advanced software solutions for grains and agrochemicals. The goal is to deliver a full suite of services and functionalities, from resource accounting to contract management.

The software is intended to work in conjunction with on-the-ground measurement devices and sensors - scales, laboratory devices, etc. The system would integrate all logistic and trading levels, including orders and contracts management, money accounting, resource waste tracking, etc.


Data integration – acquiring and integrating data from machinery and sensors in real-time.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software – for grain and agrochemical management.
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