Crop Remote Sensing


Crop diseases, pest infestation, overfertilization, environmental impact all of these play a critical role in agricultural operations. Failing to timely identify and address the causes of poor crop quality directly leads to lower crop yields and thus significant financial damage - it’s been estimated that improper crop management can lead to an over 50% loss in expected yields.

Disease recognition at an early crop growth stage is crucial in order to take adequate preventive actions. However, traditional plant nutritional state monitoring is difficult, costly and time-consuming, especially for crops that grow in fields.


Here at ART21, we are developing innovative solutions for remote crop monitoring that combine spectral imaging technologies, aerial systems, and Artificial Intelligence data analysis techniques to ensure early detection of crop diseases as well as an accurate analysis of micro and macro nutritional elements in plants.

Our main objective is to enable farmers to predict yields, define specific management zones, and accurately calculate the required fertilizers, herbicides and other agrochemical products. Data integration in precision farming machinery is intended to be implemented alongside remote crop monitoring so that fertilizers and agrochemicals can be applied accordingly to the data analysis.


In order to ensure that the desired outcomes of the project are reached, the following methods and technologies will be employed in the development of this particular solution.
Multi/hyperspectral imaging – capturing, processing and interpreting large amounts of plant spectral data
Aerial vehicles – utilizing drones and planes for non-invasive remote spectral data capture of crop fields and plants
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – integration with various GIS data sources for analysis result improvements
Artificial Intelligence techniques – machine learning, neural networking and custom-made algorithms for spectral data processing and analysis.
Internet of Things (IoT) technologies – integration with data from in-field IoT systems
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