Blockchain technologies


Agriculture companies, governmental institutions and laboratories face large amounts of complex data, algorithms and mathematical models which may be difficult to store, process and analyse in an efficient and secure way.

Access to the newest and most advanced data storage and processing solutions is crucial for successful agrifood tech development and implementation, yet such solutions are currently lacking within the field.

Securing accessibility to important data without sacrificing data ownership, and ensuring proper network decentralization and security become challenges that increasingly gain more relevance in the agritech field.


Here in ART21, we seek to utilize the latest technologies to provide interested institutions with advanced and secure data processing and distribution solutions. By using the huge application potential of Blockchain technologies, we develop agrifood tech solutions for distributed and anonymized data storage and processing.

Our goals include enabling data accessibility, usability and maintaining ownership as well as implementing a consensus system and thus ensuring reliable stakeholder cooperation.


Blockchain technologies –solutions for system decentralization and process distribution
Artificial Intelligence techniques –embedding AI-relevant capabilities within a blockchain solution
Cryptography – implementation of secure, confidential data exchange within information and communications systems
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