Research on natural and synthetic grain pest (mealworm) larvae repellents


One of the most pressing problems of modern agriculture is the proper storage of crop yields, as crop storage losses cause great damage to the economy and the economy of the country as a whole. Yield losses are usually caused by improper storage conditions, contamination, pest activity. This results in the loss of thousands of tonnes of grain every year, which never reaches the consumer, and grain growers suffer considerable losses as a result.

According to general statistics, the average loss of grain due to mold and pest activity is 10%. ART21 has developed an innovative grain and feed quality control system and performed its tests in farm warehouses. Such a system enables the user to identify grain spoilage at an early stage, and also warns of favourable conditions for the emergence of pests in storage. Once the presence of pests has been established, the farmer is able to take appropriate measures: ventilate, cool, ozonate the grain or simply sell the crop on time without incurring major financial losses. However, the establishment of favourable conditions for the spread of pests could lead to additional measures to ensure that those pests do not occur and that the cereals are not damaged or sold earlier than the owner wishes. Therefore, the company decided to carry out research and develop safe grain protection measures to help protect grain from pests without harming the environment or loosing grain quality.


It is planned that the solution developed by the company would reduce losses by up to 5%, which would allow an average Lithuanian farmer to save up to 3,500 euros per year. At the Lithuanian level, this would be a significant number. The aim of this project is to investigate the suitability of natural and synthetic repellents for mealworm. Activities performed during laboratory experiments:

  • Based on the analysis of the scientific literature, materials of natural origin with potentially repellent properties for mealworm were selected
  • Analysis of the amounts of individual chemicals in selected essential oils was performed
  • Methodology for research of efficiency and laboratory tests of natural and synthetic repellents has been developed
  • Laboratory tests were performed with mealworm larvae using selected essential oils and oils with the most pronounced repellence properties were evaluated.
  • Laboratory tests were performed on mealworm larvae using a synthetic repellent and its repellence properties were evaluated.
  • The most effective substances have been identified and suggestions have been made for the possible combination of these repellents.

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