Development of intelligent agricultural machinery information system


Modern, intelligent technologies are increasingly being implemented in agricultural machinery - solutions based on information technologies are being developed: routing of machinery with the help of navigation, automatic control of implements, fertilization, irrigation mapping, soil analysis, crop condition monitoring, etc. However, it is important not only to acquire modern agricultural machinery, but also to use all the opportunities provided by information technologies.

The farm is mostly equipped with multi-manufacturer equipment and different data collection, processing and display systems are used accordingly. On-board computer operating systems and, most importantly, the formats of the data collected vary. The user is faced with a problem - his equipment is equipped with modern solutions, but there is no possibility to comprehensively collect, combine and analyse data as a whole. This incompatibility of software and data structures loses the potential for the use of smart solutions. To solve this problem, we are developing an innovative information system for agricultural machinery.


During the project, we are developing an innovative agricultural machinery information system that will allow performing complex (more value-added and beneficial) data operation and analysis activities. The databases integrated in the system store primary data generated by smart agricultural machinery. An important component of the system under development is a data conversion model for scanning and storing file formats generated by smart technology. With the help of such a module, files generated by smart technology from various technology manufacturers are converted into one - unified data format, which allows to operate data and perform various types of analysis operations (overlaps, mathematical operations, spatial analysis, visualization, etc.). The processed data is stored in specially designed and configured databases.

The agricultural machinery information system is intended for farms using agricultural machinery, which is equipped with modern (smart) technologies. The uniqueness of the developed system is the ability to receive, convert into a unified format and analyse data from the equipment of various agricultural machinery manufacturers. The system will process the data provided in different formats and provide results on the farm: crop yields, losses due to diseases, frost or drought, fertilizers and chemicals used, operating costs, other farm performance indicators. With the help of the system it is possible not only to compile statistics and history of actions, but also to forecast yields, estimate costs and efficiency of farm activities.

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