Development of a mobile application based on convolutional neural networks for disease identification by plant image


The aspect of plant protection measures is one of the most important areas in the European agricultural sector. Directive 2009/128 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for Community action to achieve a sustainable use of pesticides emphasizes that plant protection must be based on the control of diseases and pathogens, giving priority to those that pose the least risk to human health and the environment. Protecting against diseases and pathogens must reconcile economic benefits with safety for humans and nature. Priority must be given to the early identification and control of diseases, and the use of chemical plant protection products should be encouraged only when absolutely necessary.

This project responds to the problems of the European Community and Lithuania and is aimed at the integration of scientific achievements and information technologies in the agricultural sector. In order to develop a network for monitoring the spread of field plant diseases and pests and to forecast the spread of diseases and pests in crops as accurately as possible, thus ensuring operative, comprehensive and high-quality information for farmers, the EIP team will provide Lithuanian farmers with innovative technology.


An innovation in the course of the project is a mobile application based on neural networks for the identification of diseases according to the image of the plant. The user-sent image of the plant, photographed by a smart device, is processed by an information system that operatively and accurately identifies plant diseases (winter and spring wheat, barley, potatoes, beans and peas) and their prevalence in plants using the developed object recognition classifier. The main task of innovation is to detect plant diseases as early and accurately as possible and to select appropriate protection measures, thus ensuring crop protection and the sustainable use of chemicals.

Users of the app can use resources and plant protection products more rationally, protect crops in a timely manner and thus increase farm productivity and profitability, and the optimal use of chemical plant protection products reduces risks to human health and the negative impact of farming on the environment.

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