Application of aerodistance-spectrometric methods for the determination of chemical elements in oat crops


The company has developed a unique technology that can determine the supply of mineral nutrients to plants from the image of the plant by aerodistance-spectrometric methods. Based on this technology, a precision crop production system is being developed, which includes crop monitoring, analysis of remote and laboratory research data, and the development of a plant diagnostic-agrochemical model. Crops are photographed using unmanned aerial vehicles using spectral photography technologies that enable the identification of mineral nutrients by plant light reflections. These data are processed and analysed with the help of an information system, the condition of plants is and what mineral nutrients and / or preventive measures are needed for the crop are assessed. This project envisages further development of the technology in cooperation with scientific institutions and conducting the necessary research for the development of the system - to study the spectral properties of oat crops, thus expanding the possibilities and application of the system in agricultural activities.


During the project, specific ranges of the electromagnetic radiation light spectrum are identified in the laboratory and in field conditions, which allow to see and track the levels of mineral nutrients and water in oat plants. Laboratory research and chemical analysis of plants will allow to determine the peculiarities of the spectrum of light reflected by oats at different growth stages in the presence of water scarcity, as well as to solve complex problems of nutrient supply of crops in the presence of different soil properties. Test activities:

  • Light spectrum in oat crops under field conditions is analysed
  • The spectral differences of plants growing under conditions of deficiency of various chemical nutrients are evaluated
  • Changes in the spectral of plants growing in an unfavourable conditions are evaluated
  • The vegetation index (VI) of oat crops is determined at the main stages of plant development under field conditions
  • Found in which sections of the light spectrum and their combinations the amounts of light reflected by oats change when they are exposed to stress due to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium deficiency.
  • Found in which sections of the light spectrum and their combinations the amounts of light reflected by oats change when plants are stressed due to the lack of mineral nutrients - iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu).

The project establishes reliable correlations between the chemical composition of oat plants (microelements, macroelements, water) and images of the same plants recorded by hyperspectral video cameras.

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